Post scarcity

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Solarpunk wants to save the world[1]Architectural Renderings by Vincent Callebaut
From Scarcity to Abundance

Post scarcity is a theoretical economy in which nearly everything can be made in great abundance, with minimal human labor, and is freely available to all.

Issac Arthur - September 2016 - Post Scarcity Civilizations and Economies

This episode examines the concept of a civilizations and economies in which very little scarcity exists and in which production of goods requires so little labor that most basic needs can be met at little or no cost.[2]

Post Market Society Channel - October 2015 - Part I: Post Scarcity Economy

Post Market Society Channel. Advocating a post scarcity society to overcome capitalism and markets. Trans-humanism, Science and Anarchism. I talk about the basic ideas of overcoming scarcity to reduce human conflict.[3]

Srsly Wrong ep 142 - January 2018 - Post Scarcity

"Enough is Enough!" is the motto this week as the Wrong Boys talk about all the ways in which we could, and sometimes already do, have enough of enough things in order to take care of ourselves and the planet. They present pragmatic policy proposals that could end homelessness and hunger in just a few easy steps.[4]

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