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==See Also===
==See Also==
US Transhumanist Party
US Transhumanist Party
[[Transhumanist Party of Colorado]]
[[Transhumanist Party of Colorado]]
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Art and Transhumanism Panel
Art and Transhumanism Panel
==External Links==
==External Links==
*[transhumanist-party.org U.S Transhumanist Party]
*[transhumanist-party.org U.S Transhumanist Party]

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R. (Ryan) Nicholas Starr is the founder and former head of the Transhumanist Party of Colorado, transhumanism and political journalist, and founder of Kunstwerk Multimedia


Military Career

Enlisting in 2004, Starr was trained as an Electronic Signals Exploitation analyst (formerly 1N5, now 1N2A/C) where he deployed twice and worked in a wide range of missions.

  • 82d Reconnaissance Sq Kadena AB, Okinawa, Japan
    • 763rd Expeditionary Reconnaissance Sq Al Udeid AB, Qatar (deployed)
  • 527th Space Aggressor Sq Schriever AFB, Colorado
    • CAOC/ISRD Al Udeid AB Qatar (deployed)
  • 566th Intelligence Sq Buckley AFB, Colorado

In 2011 Starr was discharged after being diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder.

Post Military, Art, and Transhumanism

After his discharge, Starr briefly studied at the Art Institute of Colorado and worked odd jobs until his PTSD became too much of an obstacle and he filed for disability. During his three year fight for disability benefits, Starr refocused his life back to art and music, much of which was focused in futurism and struggles with “the system”. This eventually led him to find the US Transhumanist Party in 2016 and immediately related to its forward thinking ideas goals.


Kunstwerk Multimedia

Kunstwerk Multimedia began to form in 2015 and got its first official release in with Esgal’s 2016 EP titled ONUS. Since then Starr has released 8 different albums and EPs with three different projects under the label.


More than just a music project, Starr created an entire story where each released artist is its own character, using them to tell different parts of the story from their own point of view.


Biohacking, extrasensory abilities, time travel, hauntology, life and death, morphological freedom, sexuality, and oppression are all significant themes within Starr’s work.

Published Works


The Transhumanism Handbook ‘’Springer 2019’’





  • ONUS- 2016
  • Strasbourg Concerto- 2017
  • 1349- 2018
  • ExPatriot- 2019


  • Bag of Dicks- 2018
  • Deep Learning- 2019

Tobias Keller

  • Tranzhuman- 2018
  • Watchlisted- 2019


See Also

US Transhumanist Party Transhumanist Party of Colorado The Transhumanist Handbook Art and Transhumanism Panel ——

External Links

  • [transhumanist-party.org U.S Transhumanist Party]

Kunstwerk Multimedia