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Raëlism is a controversial scientifically UFO-orientated religion was founded by ex-auto racing journalist Claude Vorilhon (or known as Raël by his followers) in 1974. The Raëlian faith believes that life on Earth was scientifically created by a species of extraterrestrials, which they call the Elohim (who according to them, it's not the sole deity from the Abrahamic religions).[1]

Beliefs and Theology

Raëlians believe that humanity would be able to create life on other planets only if humanity is peaceful enough to stop war. In that case, humanity could travel the distances between stars[2] and create life on another planet.[3] Progress in terraforming, molecular biology,[4] and cloning would enable these teams to create continents and life from scratch.[5] Progress in social engineering would ensure that this creation would have a better chance of both surviving and having the potential to understand its creators.[6] Research on how civilization would occur on another planet would allow scientists to decide what traces of their origin should be left behind so that their role in life creation would someday be revealed.[7] The progress achieved by the science teams would ultimately sustain a perpetual chain of life.[8]

Raëlians do not believe in reincarnation as dictated by mystical writings because they do not believe that an ethereal soul exists free of physical confinement.[9] Instead, the Raëlians think that advanced supercomputers of the Elohim are right now recording the memories and DNA of human beings.[10] When Elohim release this information for the coming resurrection, people would be brought back from the dead and the judgments upon them would be realized based on actions in their past life. People excluded from physical recreation would include those who achieved nothing positive but were not evil.[11] Claude Vorilhon expressed an interest in cloning Hitler for war trials and retroactive punishment.[12] Raël also mentioned cloning as the solution to terrorism by suicide attacks, as the perpetrators would not be able to escape punishment by killing themselves if the Elohim recreated them after their attacks.[13]

Views in Biotechnology or any Technology

Unlike most religions, Raëlian views in most technologies (mostly Biotechnology like Genetic Engineering) a positive light in their beliefs.

Views in cloning

The religion's views on cloning are far more favorable than other religions. The faith later founded the cloning company 'Clonaid' in the late 1990s, which was directed by their most devout Raëlian, 'Bishop' Brigitte Boisselier.

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