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Rachel Haywire, also known as Rachel Marone,[1] is an American artist, musician, writer, and advocate for transhumanism.[2]

Early history

In 2005 Haywire wrote a chapter in a book called "Generation Hex", where she had the pseudonym "Haywire" recommended to her.[3] Although the name was initially just for use in the book, she decided she liked it and adopted it a new name. The book covers "young adults who are inventing and imagining radically new directions for spirituality and human evolution".[4]

Haywire started the experimental industrial music project Experiment Haywire[5] in 2005. Her band collaborated with Leæther Strip, Attrition, amGod, and Studio-X and opened for industrial bands such as Android Lust, Babyland and Z'EV. In 2019, she brought in co-producer and audio engineer Wertstahl to work on her new full-length album Alternative Technology.

In 2011 Haywire started the annual Extreme Futurist Fest event in Los Angeles, California. The cyberpunk[6] event combined talks on science and human enhancement, modeled after the TED conferences, with a number of live music performances and art installations. In 2012, Haywire described the event as "a 2 day arts and technology festival focusing on radical voices of the new evolution".


She is also the founder of the all-female alternative music label machineKUNT Records, the "anti-conference" INSTED, the online magazine "Trigger Warning" (after trigger warnings), and the author of the autobiography Acidexia and the collection of cultural essays The New Art Right.[2].

Haywire has variously described herself as a "transhuman separatist" or "transhumanist militant". Haywire was once associated with the far-right neoreactionary movement. Rachel says she left the neoreactionary movement in 2014.[7] Haywire's Twitter feed has been cited by news outlets such as Newsweek, Glamour (magazine), Inquisitr, E!, and Breitbart News Network[8] on the topics of social justice and domestic violence.

Organizational Conflicts

Foresight Institute:
In 2018 Haywire was blacklisted from the Foresight Institute and lost her sponsorship for her arts and culture startup. She claims she ended up having to "evacuate the Bay Area as a result."

United States Transhumanist Party:
A petition by the United States Transhumanist Party was started to have her reinstated to the Foresight Institute.[9]. However the petition has since been closed and "Subsequent developments have necessitated the U.S. Transhumanist Party rescinding its support for this petition."[9]

2020 USTP presidential candidacy run

Haywire was a candidate in the 2020 U.S. Transhumanist Party primary.[3] Key elements of her campaign are $2,000/month Universal Basic Income (paid for by reducing military spending) and universal life extension and cryonics care for all citizens. Her campaign website is www.haywire2020.com. Her campaign slogan is "Beyond The Center", which according in her own words means remodeling the “edges” of the Left and the Right, while transcending the political Center.[10]

Transhuman Tees has partnered with Haywire to provide official merchandise for her campaign including a T-shirt and the "Haywire Hat".

She announced her candidacy on Justin Murphy's YouTube channel on May 2, 2019.[3] She said that she decided to run after receiving encouragement to run from Zoltan Istvan. Additionally, she said that she drew inspiration from Andrew Yang's campaign.[3]

Haywire on her campaign

"My plan is to reallocate all of the funds that are going to non-violent drug offenders and sex workers in prison and needless overseas wars in order to make this happen...I want to release all of these people from prison and bring all of our troops home once and for all.”[10]

“Transhumanism is for everyone. This is what my presidential campaign is about: Transhumanism for all.”[10]

On China:
“We should be very careful of them, especially with what they have done in copying our patents.. We need to keep China at an arm’s length. I know it’s an unpopular thing to say, but I’m concerned with the way they treat their citizens. They have an authoritarian communist dictatorship and they have a social credit system that is quite horrifying.”[11]

On Trump:
"It’s a very politically incorrect thing to say, but I’m gonna say it: Trump, our president, is very focused on Mexican immigrants but he ignores the struggles of the tech working class. I am a member of the tech working class. I am an aspirational CEO, I am a freelancer in the gig economy." [11]

"I’m not a fan of Mr. Trump, but he was advocating for the working class of America, I am advocating for working class transhumanists. I am a working class transhumanist, sue me! I want to help working class transhumanists!"[11]

USTP 2020 Primary Loss and Post Primary Condemnation

Post Primary USTP Condemnation for conduct contrary to agreed candidate exceptions:


"The United States Transhumanist Party / Transhuman Party (USTP) unequivocally condemns the false, invented, and malicious allegations contained in two recent articles – one by the pseudonymous authors Glyph and CyphR on the yellow-journalism “Biohackinfo” website, and another by the pseudonymous Nick Sobriquet, published in the Trigger Warning magazine edited by Rachel Haywire. These articles are part of a deliberate, coordinated attack on the transhumanist movement and the many decent, distinguished, accomplished, and benevolent people working within it. These articles also contain numerous outright lies and other half-truths and cherry-picked facts distorted beyond recognition. The USTP is of the view that the authors of these articles are well-aware that they are lying and are using the lies in order to sow chaos and exact vengeance for their side’s loss in the recent USTP Electronic Primary. These tactics – precisely the ones which led these detractors’ side to lose in the Electronic Primary – are despicable, unconscionable, and immoral. They must be exposed and called out as such wherever they are encountered. Furthermore, the content of the Biohackinfo and Sobriquet articles is libelous and defamatory."[12]

Primary Loss

Also from USTP Response: [12]

"Unfortunately, Rachel Haywire, who did not win the election by any set of rules (ranked-preference, Condorcet, plurality)...did not accept defeat gracefully. Her responses and those of some of her supporters, rather, have been contrary to the expectations to which candidates specifically agreed in their Declaration of Interest forms when putting themselves forward for candidacy...Instead, certain supporters of former Candidate Haywire, including Sobriquet and the Biohackinfo authors, have decided to take it upon themselves to conduct a follow-on campaign of dishonesty and sensationalism, and gather their band of few followers to viciously attack the USTP in an undignified manner through yellow journalism and toxic lies."[12]


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