Reactive transhumanism

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Reactive transhumanism is a popular portrayal of transhumanist themes in media. Typically the premise involves an individual or small group gaining access to experimental technology perhaps via experimentation, some kind of Deus Ex machina or conventional scientific invention, perhaps in the mad scientist vein, either biological or cybernetic. Most of the super hero genre is predicated upon this.

In certain portrayals, the good guys will be battling the well organised bad guys who have all the power or are simply oppressive, as plucky underdogs from an anti-establishment point of view.

Genres around reactive transhumanism such as cyberpunk or biopunk usually focus on the author's favourite type of technology, with others are conspicuously and very unrealistically absent.[1]

Video games

  • BioShock - Shoot the bad guys with super powers aka sci-fantasy/low fantasy style genetic engineering. BioShock 1 and 2 uses plasmids, where as BioShock Infinite uses "Vigors" for the same effect.
  • Deus Ex - This game series allows the protagonist to shoot or sneak their way through their adventure, siding with multiple potential factions or none. Its transhumanist vision favours cybernetics or nanotechnology rather than biological superpowers.
  • Fallout - There some factions (especially with Caesar's Legion and Brotherhood of Steel) have their versions, views and stance of which technology is harmful or not as a response made about aftermath from The Great War.
  • Fracture - Set in near far future in 2160s that Climate Change is successfully ocean's rising water up, Main location sets in near final days of Second American Civil War with two Nations favoring their own idea of transhumanism is way surviving post-Climate Change earth

Film and TV

  • Limitless - Portrays an individual following his own agenda subject to a powerful nootropic.
  • Agents of Shield - Depicted the rise of 'Inhumans', enhanced individuals who have a complex relationship with government regulation.
  • Star Trek - The franchise in general explores various ideas around transhumanist and posthumanist concepts that rather have mixed results.

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