Rejuveron Life Sciences AG is a Swiss biotech company developing healthspan and lifespan extending technology and therapies.[1] It coaches and funds startups such as Endogena, RejuverSen, and RejuverVas.[1] Rejuveron also hosts dozens of biotech companies and some university departments in its incubator space near central Zurich.[1]


  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 "About us". Rejuveron. Retrieved 28 April 2021. "Rejuveron is an integrated biotechnology platform company that develops and improves therapies and technologies to promote healthy aging and prolong lifespan. [...] We provide start-up coaching and funding to entrepreneurial scientists to co-create therapies that benefit our aging population. [...] We are building state of the art laboratories in the Schlieren Bio-Technopark less than 10 minutes from central Zürich. The park hosts more than 50 Biotech companies and several University departments."

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