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The '''SENS Research Foundation''' (often shortened to '''SENS''') is a UK and US research foundation exploring [[life extension]] and anti ageing technologies.
It was launched in March 2009, evolving from the [[Methuselah Foundation]]. Founded by [[Aubrey de Grey]], [[Jeff Hall]], [[Michael Kope]], [[Sarah Marr]] and [[Kevin Perrott]].
#REDIRECT [[Special:MyLanguage/SENS Research Foundation|SENS Research Foundation]]
SENS itself stands for '''s'''trategies for '''e'''ngineered '''n'''egligible '''s'''enescence.
== Projects ==
* '''OncoSENS''' a project to 'Control ALT Delete Cancer' funded through the [[Lifespan.io]] platform.<ref>[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=untnn4_8jxY SENS Research Foundation — OncoSENS Control ALT Delete Cancer | Lifespan.io Crowdfunding Campaign]</ref><ref>[http://www.sens.org/research/introduction-to-sens-research/cancerous-cells OncoSENS: Making cancerous mutations harmless]</ref><ref>[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=23aIkXz12R0 OncoSENS - Ray Kurzweil and Aubrey de Grey]</ref>
* '''MitoSENS''' a project to research mitigations to mitochondrial mutations<ref>[http://www.sens.org/research/introduction-to-sens-research/mitochondrial-mutations MitoSENS: Preventing damage from mitochondrial mutations]</ref>
* '''LysoSENS''' a project to clear waste accumulations out of cells<ref>[http://www.sens.org/research/introduction-to-sens-research/intracellular-junk LysoSENS: Clearing waste accumulations out of cells]</ref>
* '''AmyloSENS''' a project to remove dysfunctional cells<ref>[http://www.sens.org/research/introduction-to-sens-research/extracellular-junk AmyloSENS: Removing junk from between cells]</ref>
* '''RepleniSENS''' a project to replace lost cells<ref>[http://www.sens.org/research/introduction-to-sens-research/cell-loss-and-atrophy RepleniSENS: Replacing lost cells]</ref>
* '''ApoptoSENS''' a project to remove dysfunctional cells<ref>[http://www.sens.org/research/introduction-to-sens-research/deathresistant-cells ApoptoSENS: Removing dysfunctional cells]</ref>
* '''GlycoSENS''' a project to break extracellular crosslinks<ref>[http://www.sens.org/research/introduction-to-sens-research/extracellular-crosslinks GlycoSENS: Breaking extracellular crosslinks]</ref>
* '''Project 21''' a project to encourage human clinical trials into ageing research<ref>[http://www.sens.org/outreach/press-releases/project21-announcement Project|21 Announcement]</ref>
== The SENS Challenge ==
SENS has an ongoing challenge known as "The SENS Challenge" whereby a $20,000 reward will be given should someone be able to demonstrate that the SENS foundations work is not credible. The article on Technology Review states; "Technology Review is announcing a prize for any molecular biologist working in the field of aging who is willing to take up the challenge: submit an intellectually serious argument that SENS is so wrong that it is unworthy of learned debate, and you will be paid $20,000 if it convinces independent referees."<ref>[https://www.technologyreview.com/s/404453/the-sens-challenge/ The SENS Challenge]</ref>
A Facebook post dated March 2014, stated that 3 entries had been submitted to the challenge, but that all of them had failed. <ref>[https://www.facebook.com/IFeakingLoveScience/posts/214144395445818 Samuel Schmidt shared a photo to I fucking love science's Timeline.]</ref>
== External links ==
* [http://www.sens.org/ sens.org]
* [https://www.facebook.com/groups/4410586435/ Facebook group]
* [https://www.youtube.com/user/SENSFVideo/ YouTube channel]
* {{Wikipedia|SENS Research Foundation}}
* {{Wikipedia|Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence}}
* {{reddit|sens}}
* {{twitter|senstweet}}
{{facebook page|https://www.facebook.com/sensf/}}
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