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The SENS Research Foundation (often shortened to SENS) is a UK and US research foundation exploring life extension and anti ageing technologies.

It was launched in March 2009, evolving from the Methuselah Foundation. Founded by Aubrey de Grey, Jeff Hall, Michael Kope, Sarah Marr and Kevin Perrott.

SENS itself stands for strategies for engineered negligible senescence.


  • OncoSENS a project to 'Control ALT Delete Cancer' funded through the platform.[1][2][3]
  • MitoSENS a project to research mitigations to mitochondrial mutations[4]
  • LysoSENS a project to clear waste accumulations out of cells[5]
  • AmyloSENS a project to remove dysfunctional cells[6]
  • RepleniSENS a project to replace lost cells[7]
  • ApoptoSENS a project to remove dysfunctional cells[8]
  • GlycoSENS a project to break extracellular crosslinks[9]
  • Project 21 a project to encourage human clinical trials into ageing research[10]

The SENS Challenge

SENS has an ongoing challenge known as "The SENS Challenge" whereby a $20,000 reward will be given should someone be able to demonstrate that the SENS foundations work is not credible. The article on Technology Review states; "Technology Review is announcing a prize for any molecular biologist working in the field of aging who is willing to take up the challenge: submit an intellectually serious argument that SENS is so wrong that it is unworthy of learned debate, and you will be paid $20,000 if it convinces independent referees."[11]

A Facebook post dated March 2014, stated that 3 entries had been submitted to the challenge, but that all of them had failed. [12]

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