Self-owning car

A self-owning car is a hypothetical concept backed by Mike Hearn.[1]


With the emergence of self-driving vehicles, there is the possibility that those vehicles could actually own themselves rather than being owned by corporations. If full autonomy is achieved, and cars able to charge/fuel themselves, receive payments, and be covered by insurance policies, then a car could theoretically take care of itself.

Hearn also believes that cryptocurrency may be required.[2]


The self-owning car concept is closely linked to self-driving car technology. Without what is known as Level 5 autonomy being available, the technology won't be able to exist.

Some may not be comfortable with the technology, Mike Hearn says the following:

"Some people would find it creepy and weird, and they would refuse to do business with machines," acknowledges Mr Hearn. "They would hate the idea of a machine being an economic equal to them - a modern Ludditism(sic), if you like.[3]