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A female and male sex robot from the film AI

Sex robots are an emerging technology for the sex toy industry, potentially replacing inflatable sex toys with robotic gynoids.


Sex robots are criticized and feared by some people, mostly traditional feminists[1] and technoconservatives, concerned people may lose interest on real women/men and favour sex robots for rest of their lives, While few even think is metaphor to some person's inter misogyny or (very rarely) misandry.[2] Both transhumanists and non-transhumanists countered how counter-productive and infective a ban would be. Web news channel The Young Turks highlighted the impossibility of banning them to be consequential on both social and technological benefits.[3]

The tabloid press are always happy to cover sex robots.[4]

A study presented in the 2016 international conferences on Human-Robot interaction revealed a complex and differing set of attitudes towards sex robots, with women being far less interested than men.[5]

In September 2016 a London 'fellatio cafe' serviced by sex-bots was announced.[6]

In October 2016 a report was released saying how virtual assistant devices were increasingly being used for sexually explicit conversations.[7]

In February 2017 it was reported that a brothel in Barcelona had opened using what were referred to as "sex dolls". [8] This news was followed in March of the same year with reports that said the brothel had been forced out after protests by sex trade workers who complained it was stealing their clients. [9]

In fiction

The concept has been around since classical antiquity via automatons, and Shakespeare's The Winter's Tale features a statue coming to life as well as ETA Hoffmann's The Sandman.[10]

In Futurama, it claims is established that human civilisations once collapsed from several centuries ago - according to the propaganda video - due to the ubiquity of sex robots distracting the world's populace from expending efforts on anything else at all. As a result, it became taboo to be "Robo-sexuals" and "Robosexuality" in their "Earthican" society.[11][12][13]

The Stepford Wives features women replaced with robots to attend to men's needs in a servile fashion.

A subplot of 2015 film Ex Machina features the ambiguously portrayed abuse of emergent gynoids as sex robots.

Westworld features such robots as a permanent fixture.[10]

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