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As a critique of humanism
Posthumanism is often a critique of humanism especially in the context of human exceptionalism, sometimes known as [[antihumanism]].
Humanism, subjective relativism, is fundamentally based on the notion that: "The man is the measure of everything" (Protagoras), and posthumanism critiques this inherent human exceptionalism. Transhumanism is a part of Posthumanism, as Transhumanism specifies that humanity and human condition are defined by the technological context, so the "measure" mentioned by Protagoras changes in time<ref>[ What is the Difference between Posthumanism and Transhumanism?, Kevin LaGrandeur, Ethical Technology]</ref>. This binds the transhumanism idea into the continuation of the philosophical humanist tradition. In Wikipedia, this is definition is called: [ "Philosophical Posthumanism"].
=== Beyond humanity as we know it ===

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