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Dates in the year highlighted for special reasons
The '''transhumanist community''' is loosely defined, often comprised of people involved or interested with a number of different [[transhumanist organisations]], as well as parts of the wider [[emerging technologies|emerging technology]] interest group, [[techno-optimism|techno-optimists]], [[longevity]] advocates, any of whom may or may not identify as a [[transhumanist]].
== Online transhumanist communities ==
See [[List of Facebook groups]] and [[:Category:Facebook]]
=== Slack [[Chat]] ===[[File:Lc-transparent.png|thumb|right|[[Longevity-chan]], created by and as a mascot for the life-extension advocacy community]]Active [[chat]] forums can be found on:* [[Discord]]* [[IRC]] * [[Slack]]
* [ Global slack community for transhumanists] hosted by [[Transhumanism (organisation)]]. (Email if you have not yet received an invite.). === Forums ===See [[Slacktranshumanist discussion forums]]
=== Twitter ===
See [[Reddit]]
=== Second Life ===
See [[Second Life]]
== Pros and cons of different tools for building a community ==
=== Facebook ===
The drawbacks of [[Facebook]] are that:
* Some people prefer not to have a Facebook account, fearing that Facebook all too easily becomes a time sink
* Facebook admin can decide to delete or suspend someone's account, sometimes for seemingly arbitrary reasons
The advantages of Facebook are that:
* It undergoes rapid development, with new features being added regularly - therefore it is feature-rich
* Facebook puts a high focus on good user experience
* It is easier to check if a new applicant to join a group has a past online history elsewhere on Facebook which informs a decision whether to accept or reject them.
=== Slack ===
Advantages of Slack include:
* Support for integration of new services
* Users are notified when they are mentioned in postings
=== LinkedIn ===
(Info should be added about LinkedIn)
== Significant transhumanist organisations ==
* [[LessWrong]]
* [[Centre for Effective Altruism]]
* [[Center for Applied Rationality ]] (CFAR)]]
* [[Future of Humanity Institute]] (FHI)
* [[Centre for the Study of Existential Risk ]] (CESRCSER)]]* [[Future of Life Institute ]] (FLI)]]
* [[Machine Intelligence Research Institute]] (MIRI)
* [[Lifeboat Foundation]]
* [[Fractal Future Network]]
* [[Church of Perpetual Life]]
=== See also ===
* [[Transhumanist political organisations]]
* [[Transhumanist religious organisations]]
* The [[Futurism#Significant futurist organizations|list of significant futurist organizations]] within the [[Futurism]] page
== Advice on community building ==
* Avoid pitfalls that have slowed down other local groups.
== Dates in the year highlighted for special reasons See also == Transhumanists can take the opportunity of various dates in the year to highlight specific ideas: * [[Calment's Day]Transhumanist political organisations] - 21st February []* [[Future Day]] - 1st March [ organisations]* [[Longevity Day]] - 1st October []
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