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Speciesism is systemic bias or personal prejudice that creates or enforces unequal ethical consideration of otherwise-equivalent interests and capacities between individuals of different species.

Anthrochauvinism may be used synonymously or in reference to a more specific variety, which exclusively elevates humans and/or immediately-related species such as trans/post-humans and great apes.

History and usage of terminology

Origin and popularization

Dietary and consumption practices

In fiction

In science fiction and fantasy settings, it is often used as a stand-in for more widely recognized forms of discrimination, such as racism.[1]

Relevance to Transhumanism


Most forms of transhumanism oppose speciesism as concerned with speciated human descendents and revived and/or uplifted nonhumans, as well as environmentalism, and this is reflected in transhumanist projects and publications, such as the Transhumanist FAQ and IEET Rights of Nonhuman Persons program.

Bioethical abolitionism

Stances on speciesism heavily impact bioethical abolitionist attitudes towards wild animals[2] and criticism thereof.[3]

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