Tron is a 1982 science fiction movie written and directed by Steven Lisberger and starring Jeff Bridges.[1] The film is based on a story by Lisberger and Bonnie MacBird.


When Kevin Flynn, an engineer at ENCOM, discovers that an executive at the company (Ed Dillinger) has been stealing his work, he tries to hack the system and is thrust into the digital world.

Upon entering this digitized environment, Kevin must battle against Sark (Dillinger's digital likeness) and the Master Control Program (MCP) with the help of Tron and Yori. Flynn becomes a fighter and champion for the programs of the grid.

Transhumanist Elements

The main transhumanist element from the TRON movies is the digital world. A kind of simulated or virtual reality.


TRON was followed by two sequels:

Tron: Uprising (TV Series)

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Tron: Legacy (2010)

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