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[[Category:Opposition to transhumanism]]
[[Category:Opposition to transhumanism]]

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Techno-optimism is a loosely defined term that the progress of technological development can and likely will be used for the betterment of mankind. The position is has more considered and futurist connotations compared to technophilia.

Ray Kurzweil's optimistic futurist predictions are strongly associated with the idea of techno-optimism.


Advocates of moral transhumanism are most likely to be techno-optimists, where as this is necessary for advocates of amoral transhumanism. It could be argued that techno-optimism is a significant precondition for associating positively with the contemporary transhumanist movement.

As synonym for techno-utopianism

Critics of the term often directly equate it with technophilia or techno-utopianism, typically as a proxy for critique of Silicon Valley's soft libertarian politics.[1]