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== References ==
== References ==
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<references />
[[Category:Emerging technologies]]
[[Category:Emerging technologies]]
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The Bionic Lens: A New Dimension in Sight Enhancement

The Bionic Lens was created by Dr. Garth Webb of OcumeticsTM Technology Corporation.


The product of extensive research and development, this intraocular lens is called the Bionic LensTM.
The Bionic LensTM is a trademark that applies to a host of patented intraocular lens designs that relate to intraocular lenses having the ability to auto-regulate within the eye allowing it to focus at different ranges - distance, intermediate, near and very near. It is designed to be foldable and insertable through a 2.7 mm incision. Wavefront correction for discrete higher order aberrations that are normally found within the eye can be sculpted into the surface of the Bionic LensTM for further enhanced visual function.[1]

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In Clinical Trails

Update July 2017 from the Ocumetics website:
We have successfully adapted the design of The Bionic Lens for mass production. As a result of this process, we must now re:initiate the preclinical in clinical trials.

We have achieved a superb product but our one year behind our original estimated time of arrival- ETA. Canada & the EU Only.[2]

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