The Bionic Lens

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The Bionic Lens: A New Dimension in Sight Enhancement

The Bionic Lens was created by Dr. Garth Webb of Ocumetics™ Technology Corporation.[1]


"The product of extensive research and development, this intraocular lens is called the Bionic Lens™.
The Bionic Lens™ is a trademark that applies to a host of patented intraocular lens designs that relate to intraocular lenses having the ability to auto-regulate within the eye allowing it to focus at different ranges - distance, intermediate, near and very near. It is designed to be foldable and insertable through a 2.7 mm incision. Wavefront correction for discrete higher order aberrations that are normally found within the eye can be sculpted into the surface of the Bionic Lens™ for further enhanced visual function."

- The Bionic Lens™: A New Dimension in Sight Enhancement.[2]

In Clinical Trails

Update July 2017 from the Ocumetics website:
"We have successfully adapted the design of The Bionic Lens for mass production.
As a result of this process, we must now re:initiate the preclinical in clinical trials. We have achieved a superb product but our one year behind our original estimated time of arrival"- ETA. Canada & the EU Only.[3]

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