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TransCentury also known as TransCentury UPdate and Breakthroughs: A TransCentury Update was a cable TV show focused on the future which ran from 1986 until 1994.[1]

It was produced and hosted by Natasha Vita-More who interviewed various innovators of emerging and speculative sciences and technologies and aired in the US in LA and Colorado.[2][3]

[ Getting the first transhuman statement on the Cassini-Huygens spacecraft ] inspired me to build a TV show, it was a cable TV show, wasn't very large was called “Transcentury Update”. I hosted it and produced it in Santa Monica, California, for I guess, just short of maybe eight years, I think it was but it reached 100,000 people. And my show not only talked about space exploration, talked about electric cars, life extension, artificial intelligence, the feasibility of nanotechnology, genetic engineering. All the ideas that I want to learn about[4]


  • Natasha Interviews FM-2030 Esfandiary for TV show: TransCentury UPdate