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TransVision is the name given to a series of major conferences about transhumanism featuring prominent transhumanist speakers and topics.

This is some overlap with, but are arguably a continuation of, the earlier extropian conferences which ran 1994 to 2004.


Event Date Location Organisers
TransVision98 June 5-7 Weesp, The Netherlands, Europe Transcedo, the Dutch transhumanist organization
TransVision99 June 4-6 Stockholm, Sweden, Europe Aleph, the Swedish transhumanist organization
TransVisionMM July 15-16 London, England, Europe World Transhumanist Association
TransVision01 June 22-24 Berlin, Germany, Europe World Transhumanist Association
TransVision03 June 27-29 Yale University, USA, North America World Transhumanist Association
TransVision04 August 6-8 University of Toronto, Canada, North America World Transhumanist Association
TransVision05 July 22-24 Caracas, Venezuela, South America World Transhumanist Association
TransVision06 August 17-19 University of Helsinki, Finland, Europe World Transhumanist Association
TransVision07 July 26-28 Chicago, USA World Transhumanist Association
TransVision10 October 22-24 Milan, Italy, Europe Italian Transhumanist Association (AIT)
TransVision14 November 20-22 Paris, France, Europe AFT Technoprog
TransVision 2017 November 9-11 Brussels, Belgium, Europe HEALES & AFT Technoprog
TransVision 2018 October 19-21 Madrid, Spain, Europe Humanity+
TransVision 2019 July 6-7 London, England, Europe Humanity+ and London Futurists
TransVision 2021 October 8-10 Madrid, Spain, Europe Humanity+
TransVision 2022 November 18-20 Paris, France, Europe AFT Technoprog
TransVision 2024 January 19-21 Utrecht, The Netherlands, Europe AFT Technoprog, London Futurists and Carboncopies

Related events

In 2020, instead of a physical gathering, an online "H+ Summit" event was held, on the 7th and 8th of July, with the title "POST-PANDEMIC: A Future Free of Disease and Destruction".

Future TransVision events

Suggestions have been collected regarding Future TransVision events.