TransVision 2021

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TransVision 2021 is an upcoming conference taking place between the 8 and 10 of October in Madrid, Spain.

The venue for the event will be El Ilustre Colegio de Médicos de Madrid (the Illustrious College of Physicians of Madrid).

Confirmed speakers include:

  1. Aubrey de Grey
  2. Natasha Vita-More
  3. Max More
  4. Jose Cordeiro
  5. Aubrey de Grey
  6. David Pearce
  7. David Ceballos Delgado
  8. Liz Parrish
  9. David Wood
  10. Sergio M.L.Tarrero
  11. Adolfo Castilla
  12. Carlos Rodriguez Sau
  13. Felipe Debassa
  14. Melanie Swan

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