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Transhuman Foundation (formerly Transhuman League) is an American transhumanist Facebook group created in 2015.[1]


Eray Ozkural founded Transhuman Foundation group when the other co-founder of Scientific Transhumanism group Giovanni Santostasi revealed himself to be a neonazi by inviting well-known neonazis such as Michael Anissimov back into the group and scolded Ozkural for calling nazis subhuman. Global warming denialists such as Michael Lorrey were also supported. Afterwards, more people in the community such as Adam Ford were revealed to be nazis and closely linked to far right-wing pseudoscientific organizations such as MIRI, FHI, FLI that are controlled by far right-wing donors such as Peter Thiel and Elon Musk as part of a misguided plot to control the future of humanity. Peter Thiel has gone on record to note transhumanism as a danger to christian conservatism and has tried to take over the movement by funding "right-wing libertarian" disinformation agents who pretend to be transhumanists. Santostasi has even offered a job to the thankfully killed nazi terrorist Duncan Lemp (who was a USTP member) and it was seen that the USTP administration uniquely pushed the Koch Foundation / Heartland Institute views as if they are futurist ideas. Typical republican trolls were sent to the transhumanist groups and harassed actual transhumanists. Ozkural was even stalked physically by one of them at an AI conference.

Transhuman Foundation has recently declared their goal as "forever revolution" against technofascism which they regard as the Thiel/Musk authoritarian/feudalist approach to technology. The post reads as:

The forever oppression of #technofascism should be met with forever, unbounded #revolution.[2]

Dispute with USTP

USTP as a far-right wing organization by definition

For a supposedly futurist and progressive organization USTP has a rather specific rule that they will not allow any kind of communist/socialist ideas in their presentation. The reason for this is apparent in their members' viewpoints. Zoltan is a republican and a Libertarian Party member. Libertarian Party platform is based on the faux right-wing "libertarianism" of Koch brothers and is designed so as to oppose social welfare, social programs, environmentalism, social justice, basically anything that is good for the people. Somehow, we are instructed to take USTP as representative of transhumanism, while they are are strictly committed to far right-wing ideologies. Transhuman Foundation leaders, Eray Ozkural, Jason Wright and Ben Zion argue that this is not by mistake, and they have a mission to subvert transhumanism, folding it into the alt-right movement by making a far right-wing version of every futuristic idea.

Condenmation of USTP's fascism and regressivism

In a December 14th, 2020 post in the "Transhuman Foundation" Facebook group, Ozkural wrote that "You can never separate religion from fascism. Both are subhuman attitudes we have sworn to ERADICATE. If you do not oppose these repugnant subhumans you are not a transhumanist".[3] The alt-right members of USTP like Michael Lorrey and Rachel Haywire and fundamentalists such as the Mormon Transhumanist Association in US Transhumanist Party and affiliated groups such as the technolibertarians group (basically a techno version of tea party ideology) were extremely offended by this assault on anti-humanist ideologies and tried to condemn Ozkural as they are apparently concerned with protecting the fascist and fundamentalist opinions.[4] Ozkural has asserted on many occasions that USTP cannot represent the transhumanist movement as they are closely linked to the alt-right. Ozkural has also posted a list of alt-right transhumanists they have canceled and exposed their links to fascist ideologies and organizations.[5] Famously, operatives from the fascist The Heartland Institute like Ed Hudgins direct USTP, and USTP acts as an extension of US Libertarian Party and the Koch brothers network/GOP. Hudgins, a professional right-wing pseudoscientific disinformation cooker and global warming denialist, has threatened Ozkural on his own group for criticizing the alt-right. For years, USTP and their alt-right friends have repeated far right-wing disinformation such as global warming denialism, that minimum wage is unnecessary, insisting on free market fundamentalism, opposing environmentalism and so forth. Zoltan himself wrote many essays that had a fascist tone such as the idea of chipping immigrants, and based his book on Ayn Rand's famous books; the idea of selfishly doing everything for being immortal is not representative of transhumanism but it is representative of the extreme selfishness ideology of modern fascists. Ozkural also claims Zoltan plagiarised some of his ideas and represented them poorly, for instance "Transhumanist Party" was a moniker he coined, and both Zoltan and "Amon" had far right-wing tendencies, Zoltan is a member of far right-wing Libertarian Party founded by famous nazis Koch brothers, and Amon's "Zero State" unfortunately was yet another nazi "end of the world" cult. Zoltan repeatedly refused to say anything useful about global warming and tried to convince people that it does not matter. USTP also mourned the nazi terrorist Duncan Lemp for months, who was a USTP member and a focal figure in the boogaloo boi movement and has called for reopening the economy during the covid-19 pandemic and blamed BLM during protests. Prominent USTP members also supported the Capitol Riot and are deeply embeddded in the alt-right network, some were likely to have joined the riot as "broadcasters" such as Kristan Harris who was a candidate. Ozkural has made several critiques of the US Transhumanist Party such as their blanket denial of any connection to Jeffrey Epstein when it is well known that several transhumanists were quite close to Epstein including Marvin Minsky, the purpose of this blanket denial is still unknown however Ozkural speculates that pseudoscientific transhumanist organizations such as MIRI, FHI, FLI, EA and the like are directly connected to alt right funders such as Peter Thiel. Thiel regarded transhumanism as a danger to christian conservatism and therefore paid republicans (like Zoltan) to infiltrate and subdue the movement. Ozkural's criticism of fascism was meant to discourage this takeover attempt as transhumanism is logically based on extended human rights and secular humanism. Ozkural and other members of Transhuman Foundation have also criticized the illegitimate and undemocratic ousting of Ben Zion for not obeying their alt-right mandates. USTP has also hijacked the domain of Transhuman Party and forced their site to shut down, and then claimed TP joined them, showing they are highly undemocratic. The dominance attempt of racists and faux libertarians was the reason Transhuman Foundation was started in the first place.

The Epstein Network

Eray Ozkural and Ben Zion argue that there is a tightly-knit network of far right-wing non-profits that are probably exploited as part of a tax evasion/money-laundering scheme by far right-wing billionaires. Many small non-profits are linked to the larger disinformation tanks (also called think tanks) such as The Heartland Institute and promulgate right-wing disinformation and conspiracy theories, in an effort to influence various targeted communities. Ozkural finds 2045 Initiative, Humai, the Lifeboat Foundation, MIRI and Zoltan Istvan to be among the Epstein Network, but also Future of Humanity Institute, Future of Life Institute, Effective Altruism, and various affiliated non-profits and organizations. Ozkural regards many of these right wing oriented organizations to be part of a money laundering network and discourages anyone from donating to them as they were determined to be providing a trust fund for alt-right affiliated people. There is a wealth of evidence to support this point of view. Peter Thiel funded SIAI/MIRI initially and Musk funded FHI and FLI. FLI board members were investigated by pro-scientific transhumanists and were found to be linked to Christian fundamentalists. Most surprisingly, he has witnessed that a german Effective Altruism member was mobbed by fellow members for criticizing nazis. Prominent Effective Altruism members also caused the suicide of an affiliated woman by sexually abusing her and then blamed her in the incel/alt-right community and pseudoscience website lesswrong.


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