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The Transhuman Party is an organisation founded in October 2011 by Hank Pellissier following ongoing disputes with the US Transhumanist Party.


Hank explains[1][2] the dispute is over the trademark of 'Transhumanist Party™' which remains owned by Zoltan Istvan, even after he has given up control over the US Party to its new chair Gennady Stolyarov. clearly states:[3]

Transhumanist Party™ is a registered trademark; all services and products of Transhumanist Party are protected under law

Hank suggests that the trademark could be used re-seize control of the party or for selfish financial gain.

Gennady and the US transhumanist party responded to these accusations with at statement in their FAQ[4] explaining that party is a 'a non-monetary organization' and therefore ill-equipped to defend a trademark against legal challenges. He additionally explains that the US party retains sole custody of the key party infrastructures such as web site and member list.