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Transhumanism is the English term, however it perceived in slightly different fashions depending on the language and culture.


The English language dominates the movement as whole, as to American organisations such as the IEET, Humanity+ and many other influential organisations and individuals. As such the influence in Anglosphere of Canada, the British Isles and Australasia is significant. Many continental European transhumanists interact with the movement in English or via their smaller national movements in their native languages.

The significant Russian element grounded in cosmism are led by organisations such as the Russian Transhumanist Movement. The leader of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev is increasingly working with Russia in longevity research.[1]

Activity across the Spanish and Portuguese speaking world is headed by Asociación Transhumanista.

Indian futurism and the likes of the India Future Society is a growth area.

'Transhumanism' is a much weaker brand in places like China, Korea and Japan, though such countries have strong futurist cultures and political systems that may be even more H+ compatible than the west's.


A (slightly out of date) list of Humanity+ chapters is indicative of the state of transhumanism internationally.

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