Transhumanist Art Statement

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The Transhumanist Art Statement, was created by Natasha Vita-More in January 1982/3, and revised in January 1998 defining the new field of Transhumanist Art.

Later updates included the Transhumanist Art Manifesto and Extropic Art Manifesto of Transhumanist Arts.[1]

The statement was created shortly before the first transhumanist manifesto in 1983 and was ultimately an influence on the 1998 Transhumanist Declaration.

1982 Version

There is no known copy of the original 1982 version.

1998 Version

Transhumanist Art encourages the most far-reaching and explosive ideas of the late 20th Century. We are aware of our own evolution and we claim a prominent position in designing who we are and who we will become. We want to live indefinitely. We want to grow more intelligent—more flexible—more vital.

Transhumanist Art represents the aesthetic culture of transhumanity. Transhumanist Artists are the pioneering mavericks of the future. We are vision-makers. We are creative thinkers.

Transhumanist Art emphasizes transhuman goals. We are evolving from human to posthuman. We are advancing our intelligence, augmenting our creativity, refining our emotions and interfacing our biology with technology as we explore our future and the universe.

Transhumanist Artists are ardent activists in achieving:

  • infinite self-transformation
  • unlimited individual freedom
  • intellectual and creative augmentation
  • bio-tech interface
  • overcoming death
  • exploring the universe

Transhumanist Art encourages innovations across multiple disciplines. Our art stretches toward the outer reaches of our imaginations. We appreciate art in the widest sense of its meaning. The art and science that we create—the open-ended results of vision and imagination—are pivotal statements about our transhumanity. Our individual accomplishments—our art—will help to propel our aims.

As Transhumanist Art comes into focus, as the tools and ideas of Transhumanist Art continue to evolve, so too shall we.

We welcome you to join us on this wondrous and exhilarating excursion into the future in an upswing momentum towards posthumanity.[2]