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The Transhumanist Party of the United Kingdom is a registered political party.


The party was founded by individuals including Amon Twyman who is well connected in transhumanist communities and is now party leader. Dirk Bruere of Zero State had previously contested a UK election as The Consensus, a prospective party name that was considered prior to Zoltan Istvan's media successes with the Transhumanist Party (US political organization). Deku-shrub sought to apply lessons from the Pirate Party with whom he is still informally involved as liason. David Wood, also a co founder, founded the UK based Transpolitica think tank to seek to develop non-partisan transhumanist policy at the same time of the party's founding.


April 2015 promotional video for the Transhumanist Party (UK)

Initial policies were developed firstly from the Wave organisation, then through the Institute for Social Futurism prior to Zoltan's success with the transhumanist party brand.

Prior to its official registration, Alex Karran ran in the 2015 general election as an independent candidate as such it is the first Transhumanist Party candidate to have contested an election.[1]

The party held its first AGM in October 2015 where its first batch of policies were ratified.

The logo of the party was adopted following a vote among members.

On October 12th Transhumanist Party UK released a statement that "Zoltan Istvan does not speak for the Transhumanist Party" in response to his failure to engage with the wider community and transhumanist party movement.[2]


The following statement was agreed by a vote at the party's 2015 AGM:[3]

The Transhumanist Party’s ideological position is known as Social Futurism, which represents the integration of social and technological concerns. We adopt this position as a reminder that our central mission as a Transhumanist political party is to harness technological potential for the benefit of society.

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