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Transhumanist Party Australia (TPAU) is an Australian politican organisation. The co-founders of TPAU include Peter Xing.

It is affiliated with the nonprofit Australian organisation Transhumanism and Transhumanist Party Global.

It produces a newsletter entitled The Life Extension Daily.

Alliance with Future Party

The Science Party and Transhumanist Party Australia have agreed the following in May 2015:

Transhumanist memorandum of understanding

The Future Party thanks the Transhumanist Party for agreeing to work with us in forming a unified political party.

There are a number of bureaucratic and democratic details that we need to confirm in order to move this agreement to completion. We have listed some of the topics below and look forward to your feedback.


All members of the Transhumanist Party who join the Future Party will be considered members. This means that all members who join the Future Party will have the full rights granted to them under the Future Party Constitution.

We ask that only members who are willing to be contacted by the AEC and confirm that they are members of the Future Party join. This is EXTREMELY important. Only around 25 people are contacted by the AEC to confirm registration. Even if only a few members who are contacted by the AEC say they are not members of the party, it is grounds for the party to be de-registered.

If, in the future, the Transhumanist Party decides to register as a political party, all members who join the Transhumanist Party must inform the Future Party immediately that they intend to resign.

Internal membership democracy

The Future Party believes in evidence-based policy. We also believe that it is important that The Executive and candidates standing for election must strongly believe in the policy platform put forward. As such we do not believe that every issue can be voted on successfully by regular members of the party while maintaining consistency with leadership beliefs and existing scientific knowledge. Members of the Future Party believe that votes on policy should not be binding on The Executive to endorse them. However, we do strongly believe that increasing member democracy adds to political engagement and also can help the executive in making decisions. As such we endorse the setup of a online democracy platform that will allow members to have a say on issues of policy but believe that the executive should hold the right to reject certain decisions that the party membership makes. We believe that the election of the party executive provide sufficient means for membership to dispose of leadership that is out of touch with the party base.

Continuation of Transhumanist Party activity

The Future Party believes that the Transhumanist website, Facebook and social gatherings should continue. We believe that these activities hold their own value in addition to the Future Party’s registration and activities. Additionally continuing these operations will give members of the transhumanist party the flexibility to start their own political party in the future.

While this agreement is in order, there may be a need to change the Transhumanist Party name to something like Transhumanists Australia in order to prevent administrative confusion. The Transhumanist Party may at any point change their name back.


The Future Party uses the Nationbuilder system to manage its members. The future party requests that the Transhumanist party nominate members who are familiar with their membership database to interact with the future party to join memberships. we appreciate that some members of the Transhumanist party will not want to join the future party. The future party request that's the Transhumanist party inform the members of this proposal identify members who are willing to be identified as future party members members that are not willing to be identified as such and members to have failed to identify one way or the other.

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