Transhumanist Party UK rebrand submissions

This page collects design submissions for the Proposed Transhumanist Party UK rebrand.

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1) brand name

BOOST: British Organisation for Optimal Societal Transitions

2) visual logo Needs improvement!

3) catch phrase(s)

British Politics are behind the trends disrupting our society. A BOOST will ensure nobody is left behind.

A BOOST in politics will bring the UK into the XXI.

BOOST in Politics means a BOOST in Education.

BOOST in Politics means a BOOST in Transparency.

BOOST in Politics means a BOOST for Everyone.

4) thematic imagery

5) Further Comments

a) Catchy/versatile acronym/word.

b) If transhumanism refers to the transition from human to something more, then it seems natural as a political party that we are about transitioning from (current) human society to something more in the best possible way. Hence Optimal Societal Transitions (plural as there may be many!)

c) Campaigning will likely have to start with raising awareness of why British politics are behind, what the risks are as disruptive progress accelerates and how a BOOST is the answer.

Smart Party

1) brand name

Smart Party

2) visual logo Needs work.

3) catch phrase(s)

Make the Smart decision.

Smarter Politics for Smarter Times.

Upgrade your politics to the 21st Century.

Upgrade your politics with a Smart Party.

4) thematic imagery

5) Further Comments

a) A common word that is increasingly used (smartphones! smart-gadgets of all sorts) that could ultimately become a brand.

b) This may seem like a slightly arrogant name at first. However in the context of the rise of Smart-Tech one could say that we are soon (if not already) becoming a smart-society so we need Smart-Politics and a Smart Party to fit!

c) I think to make it work the comparison with smart-tech (perhaps smartphones) needs to be played up into the brand, perhaps some font/ads/design/language reminiscent of smartphones for example. It might go down well the smart-phone generation!

META Party


1) brand name META | Mind-enhancing Technology Alliance

Brand Rationale: META represents the recent paradigm shift towards metamodernism, a new set of philosophical and cultural developments which have emerged in response to postmodernism.

Design Rationale: META offers the Party a brand with creative legs in the sense it can be used to express many different Party positions as they shift over time. e.g., MetaHuman, MetaHealth, MetaWellbeing.

Font: digital, modern, futuristic Colour: White (or reversed out) on dark magenta

2) Taglines

Growing stronger, together. Better minds, better society.

3) Visual Imagery Cutout bold double exposure images expressing growth and technology on white background.

4) Brand Narrative

800px 800px 800px


"Extending health for all."


Augo: Augmented Governance

"Be a voice, not an echo."

File:Augo brand solution.png

Peeps: People-enabled Economics Party

"Reboot Democracy."



"Your health, your way."

File:Wellocracy brand solution.png

Team Foresight

"Towards a sustainable human future."



"Health-based economics in your hands."



"People-powered Transformation."


Progress Party


1) brand name Progress Party

A play on technological ‘progress’ and political connotations of the word ‘progress’ (i.e. ‘progressive’ parties and policies)

Font: Proza Libre - modern, but friendly and not ‘hard’ Colour: Dark orange (#cc3300) - not associated with any major party, I don’t think

2) Quotes making technology work for everyone

Inclusive and can encompasses a wide range of policies, issues and audiences

3) Design Font: Proza Libre, Colour: Aqua Green (#006666) - green, but not the green of the Green Party. Colours: upbeat, dynamic, open, inclusive, but not traditional primary colours to suggest new attitudes and approaches – avoided dark/smoky colours associated with blockchain and new-tech silos.

4) Logo









What do you think will happen if nothing changes? More war, famine, greed, corruption, social polarisation? What will visitors from space or our very own super intelligent new life form think of us? Keep us or not?

What would you do?

So there’s no room for a 20 years outlook. No way to continue along the same road. Everything has to change if we are to survive.

How do we get there while contaminated by the rich man’s voice?


Make the media love us and hate us, laugh and scowl at us. But never disregard us. We must become newsworthy. The old politics of wealth and power mustn’t take us seriously until it’s too late. Boris and Trump prove it works.

We need mad scientists predicting what will happen at the end of jobs and when we get bored being paid for doing nothing.

We need mad economists explaining why money doesn’t work any more and explaining the absurdity of market economics.

Crazy historians will warn us that failed governments keep power by sacrificing their people in pointless wars and why armies no longer have a place.

We need enthusiastic religious people to tell the world why our belief that all belief is absurd is right and everything else is wrong.

Proposal: Libertek (LTK)

We believe that new science and technologies are becoming so powerful, important and dangerous that control can no longer be left in the hands of the rich and politicians who don’t understand and have their own motives.

The new science can give us longer, healthier lives and make us more intelligent and less aggressive. Or accidentally wipe us all out.

The new technologies can give us true democracy or make the rest of us slaves to the rich and powerful.

And we can use new technologies to cure the planet before it destroys us.

LTK will direct new technologies to improve life and modernise society.

And this is how

Fix Democracy which is currently polarised, forcing us to vote for policies we don’t believe in and is run by representatives who hardly represent us.

We’ll do this by moving away from party to partisan politics in which people cast their votes in the big and small, national and local things that matter to them using safe and secure internet technology.

These are like referenda except only qualified people can vote. So, for example everyone is the country can vote whether to have free trade with Europe, but only people directly effected can decide if fracking is to be allowed on their doorstep. There will be rules to encourage participation and minimise persuasive but misleading information from special interests.

A vote will only pass if 66% of qualified voters vote and 66% of them vote in favour. The same vote cannot be resubmitted for 20 years, a generation. So people will get the message that it’s worth bothering to learn and vote.

All media must separate news and opinion. News must cite its sources and quantify their credibility. Only actions can be news. Words are always opinion. So the media will become believable.

People will be free to think, say and look however they want. No form of violence or aggression will be tolerated. There will be a national vote to decide to euthanize repeat criminals to cut crime and save the cost of pointless imprisonment. Similarly murderers, rapists and child molesters will be put to sleep.

Mistakes will be compensated financially and actors causing innocent imprisonment and euthanasia will suffer the same fate.

Health, strength, longevity and intelligence will be actively promoted by extending and monitoring the use of genetic and biological engineering, unnatural life and intelligence. The development of artificial intelligence means we must expect and welcome new life with superior intelligence. We must manage mutual self-interest to ensure harmonious coexistence.

We will become self-sufficient in food and water and minimize wastage.

Our people will be made more intelligent, better informed and healthier.

The end of work is inevitable and is welcome. Vanilla self-driving vehicles will replace cars, trucks, taxis, trains and planes. We won’t need our own, just call Uber. Robots will do factory work and agents will do service jobs.

Voters will be given everything they need to enjoy a comfortable life where they can do whatever they like. There will be additional compensation for people who earn it through their contribution to society.

The great divide between rich and the rest will be bridged along the way. This will be easy as asset-values are notional, decided by markets which are under the control of computers and artificial intelligence and can be modified and stopped at any time.