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Online transhumanist communities


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Pros and cons of different tools for building a community


The drawbacks of Facebook are that:

  • Some people prefer not to have a Facebook account, fearing that Facebook all too easily becomes a time sink
  • Facebook admin can decide to delete or suspend someone's account, sometimes for seemingly arbitrary reasons

The advantages of Facebook are that:

  • It undergoes rapid development, with new features being added regularly - therefore it is feature-rich
  • Facebook puts a high focus on good user experience
  • It is easier to check if a new applicant to join a group has a past online history elsewhere on Facebook which informs a decision whether to accept or reject them.


Drawbacks of Slack include:

  • Lack of support for threading - the conversations can become difficult to follow

Advantages of Slack include:

  • Support for integration of new services
  • Users are notified when they are mentioned in postings

Significant transhumanist organisations

Significant organizations and groupings within the broad overall transhumanist community include the following:

See also

Advice on community building

The page Community building contains some tips and advice to help local transhumanist groups

  • Get started
  • Grow and have more impact
  • Take advantage of useful tools, processes, and platforms
  • Avoid pitfalls that have slowed down other local groups.

Dates in the year highlighted for special reasons

Transhumanists can take the opportunity of various dates in the year to highlight specific ideas: