Transhumanist music

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Radical Life Extension by Charlie Kam

Explicitly transhumanist music is small area in itself. Typically lyrics with heavy futuristic references will be combined with a range of genres from rap to folk to pop to create often highly expository media.

Alexey Turchin was one of the first to compile a YouTube playlist of such music as a playlist for an event.

Areas such as are well established in their own right as are pop songs with themes of immortality and robotics, with others spanning a wide range of genres and transhumanist themes.


Immortality is a popular theme.


Robotic and Cyborgs

AI and computer music

It could be argued the emergence of computer music represents a merger of the creative process between man and machine.

Electronic / Synth

When Daft Punk are not being internationally famous robot DJs, they are operating in a genre which already understands and frequently references transhumanism.

Similarly, cyberpunk themed arrangements and inspire a great many variants of electronica.