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Transhumanist organisations are many and varied and collectively influence much of the transhumanist community as a whole.


Transhumanism has many related disciplines and terms, so much so that few organisations need primarily self-identify as a 'transhumanist organisation'. However when one examines a number of key fields, one can often identify the largest concentrations of transhumanists, self-identified, de facto and otherwise having similar organisational relationships.

Private Sector


Main: Longevity industry

Mark Zuckerberg, high profile life extensionist

Biomedical research organisations like SENS and Calico are high profile advocates of life extension. However many more mainstream organisations are pushing back the frontiers of medical research in the field of gerontology, neurology and many more.

Information technology

Businesses, often those associated with Silicon Valley or the technology sector may embrace futurist ideas of their founders, such as digital immortality in development from Facebook, however such affiliations are usually kept to a low profile.

Transhumanist and futurist ideas are integral to Silicon Valley culture and to the wider IT sector in general.[citation needed]


Cryonics has long had a close relationship as a part of the transhumanism movement and as its own entity, with many advocates seeing it as a 'Plan B' for life extension and self-preservation.

Artificial intelligence

AI research, a cousin of both transhumanism and futurism is undergoing tremendous growth in interest. MIRI, founded by transhumanist Eliezer Yudkowsky and OpenCog from Ben Goertzel are both highly futurist projects in the AI space, with the conversation, especially around AI risk entering mainstream political debate.


Many supplement companies such as the Life Extension Foundation directly market their products for life extensionists.


Life extension advocacy

Life extension advocay organisation is huge growth area, with proponents such as the Coalition for Radical Life Extension and LEAF bringing together a large group of scientist and supporters behind the cause of radical life extension. Many smaller grass root initiative exist in this space such as the Eternal Life Fan Club and media such as Life Mag.


The surge in transhumanist politics primarily driven by Zoltan Istvan's 2016 presidential campaign has led to the formation of many new transhumanist party organisations, but also by previous initiatives such as the Longevity Party and Evolution 2045.


Offline communities

Offline, transhumanists tend to be associated with the technology sector and some times the arts often with associations with respective online communities. Many events will be based around meetups.

Biohackers, body modders and nootropic users

Biohacking sometimes known as 'DIY transhumanism' has a growing following through sites like, with its spectrum flowing into traditional body modification. Responsible community led drug research organisations such as the Psychonaut Wiki and Erowid aim to support people expanding their consciousness and capabilities in a responsible and safe way.

Art and media

Cover art from the first Deux Ex game

Transhumanist art is most often found in cyberpunk or science fiction media such as video games and books, many of which command significant followings. From the soft-sci fi of Star Trek through to the cybernetic future of Deus Ex, millions of fans worldwide may find their first exposure to transhumanist ideas and discussions.

Many prominent science fiction authors are transhumanists or have been the first to express certain transhumanist ideas.

Public sector


Within academia, professional futurists may engage in future studies or other cross-disciplinary research touching on transhumanist ideas. Singularity University was one of the first overtly futurist organisations to focus on these areas, though many established institutions may have established futurist related function often related to their science disciplines.


Within a government context, transhumanism is possibly most associated with DARPA, the US military advanced research projects division. Many governments have 'futurist' departments such as the UK government's Foresight projects division, with topics such as AI and longevity making their way into serious political discussion.

Dedicated organisations

Transhumanist and futurist organisations

Transhumanist organisations are often synonymous or closely related with futurist organisations, such as London Futurists, the Future of Humanity Institute where as a smaller amount are overtly transhumanist such as the IEET and of course Humanity+. Many futurist publications such as, Singularity Hub or even the Turing Church put out regular original content, commentary and analysis of technological trends.

Within this space, small spiritualistic and religious organisations can be found.

Online communities and media

Finally, the grass roots transhumanist community has formed many nexuses of discussion, largely on Facebook, but also on other transhumanist discussion forums such as Less Wrong and LongeCity, often mixing a wide variety of techno-optimistic ideas coupled with socialisation and participating in a small amount of activism. Modern chat networks are increasingly popular.

Bloggers, YouTubers and increasingly dedicated transhumanist news resources offer ongoing sources of analysis and commentary.

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