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The Transhumanist Party is a small but growing global political movement with the goal of promoting policy that further the objectives of transhumanism and transhumanists as well as that of wider society and individuals.

There are also "associated" groups in Canada, Croatia, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Spain, and Sweden.

These are groups which use the name "Transhumanist Party" or are in some other way associated with the global Transhumanist Party movement, but are not officially recognised full affiliates with the movement. In most cases, that lack of recognition is due to a level of activity that is not yet mature enough to properly represent the movement in that region.

Transhumanist Party

The Transhumanist Party was founded by Zoltan Istvan in October 2014 who announced his plan to run for US President under this banner. A semi-formal Transhumanist Party Global formed from activists involved in party formation internationally including Amon Twyman. In the UK, Alex Karran ran as an independent candidate in the May 2015 general election prior to the party's official registration.

Shortly after the UK party's first AGM in October 2015, the UK party made a statement stating that Zoltan does not have a 'real' political party and should claim no moral authority over the international movement.

List of organisations

The Transhumanist Party Global organisation has sought to coordinate the formation of various national political parties, often via Facebook initially.

The Transhumanist Party has active groups in the following countries:

Name Status Region Wiki Website Social Media Associated groups
Transhumanist Party Global Members
Transhumanist Party Australia Precursor group Australia wiki @transhumanismAU Transhumanism (same organisation)
Transhumanist Party of Austria Precursor group Austria wiki
Transhumanist Party (France) Precursor group France wiki FB Page FB Group
Transhumanist Party (Germany) Precursor group Germany wiki FB Page FB Public group FB Members group
Transhumanist Party (India) Precursor group India wiki FB Page FB Group
Transhumanist Party Korea Precursor group Korea wiki FB Page FB Group
The Innovation: Polish Transhumanist Party Precursor group Poland wiki FB Page FB Group
Transhumanist Party (UK) Registered party UK wiki
FB Page FB Group @TranshumanistUK Transpolitica
Transhumanist Party Virtual  ? Global FB Group
Transhumanist Party Global Informal coordination body Global FB Page
Non-Transhumanist Party Global Members or unclear status
Transhuman Policy Center Think tank USA wiki FB Group
Transhumanist Party (US political organization) Political organization USA
FB Page Transhumanist National Committee [?]
Democratic Transhumanism Political organization USA FB Page
Longevity Party Political organisation Russia and others FB Group @LongevityParty
Evolution 2045 Russia

Additionally there are associated groups which may be less developed.

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