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Transpolitica was founded in January 2015 as a political think-tank by David Wood and nowadays exists mainly as a vehicle for publishing books and articles about political transhumanism.

Although Transpolitica was founded following discussions in the UK, the policies it advocates are designed to have international applicability, and it lists consultants from around the world.

The goals of Transpolitica

Transpolitica states the following goals

  • Enable society to transcend the limitations and constraints of today’s political models
  • Anticipate the better political practices of an envisaged transhuman future
  • Advocate the practical policies that will advance that future
  • Engage people at all levels of politics and society around the world, to support and implement these policies
  • Support transhumanists within political parties of all shapes and stripes.

Transpolitica and the various Transhumanist Parties

Transpolitica was founded at the same time as the formation of Transhumanist UK. There were several overlaps between the founding teams of the two organisations.

Transpolitica aims to provide material and services that will be found useful by transhumanist politicians worldwide, including:

  • Transhumanist supporters who form or join parties with the name “Transhumanist Party” in various countries
  • Transhumanist supporters who form other new parties, without using the word “transhumanist” in their party name
  • Transhumanist supporters inside other existing political parties, including mainstream and long-established parties
  • Transhumanist supporters who prefer not to associate closely with any one political party, but who have an interest in political action.

P+ and H+

Transpolitica logo

Transpolitica has adopted the symbol 'P+', analogous to the way that transhumanism is often denoted by the symbol 'H+':

Transhumanism (H+) anticipates tomorrow’s humanity:

  • Envisaging the positive qualities and characteristics of future intelligent life
  • Taking steps towards achieving these qualities and characteristics
  • Identifying and managing risks of negative characteristics of future intelligent life.

Similarly, Transpolitica (P+) anticipates tomorrow’s politics:

  • Envisaging the positive qualities and characteristics of future social structures
  • Taking steps towards achieving these qualities and characteristics
  • Identifying and managing risks of negative characteristics of future social structures.

Publications and projects

Transpolitica has published a Manifesto and a FAQ.

Transpolitica has e-published two collections of essays:

These books were followed by:

The ten 'regenerative initiatives' championed by Transpolitica

Transpolitica manifesto

Transpolitica advocacy can be split into three groups encompassing a total of ten 'regenerative initiatives':

  • Three initiatives to achieve sustainable, evolving well-being
  • Three initiatives to apply tech-savvy proactive risk management
  • Four initiatives to enable regeneration and transcendence.

The first group consists of:

  1. Green tech leading to material abundance
  2. Rejuvenation biotech leading to super health
  3. Brain tech leading to super mental health.

The second group seeks to put in place:

  1. A new social contract, alongside automation
  2. Existential risk awareness and solutions
  3. Better democracy via revived rationality.

The third group involves:

  1. Education for a radically different future
  2. A 21st century regulatory framework
  3. A progressive transhumanist rights agenda
  4. Projects funded by smart positive feedback.

These ten initiatives are described in more detail in the chapter "An introduction to tomorrow's politics" in the ebook "Anticipating tomorrow's politics".


The first major event was Transpolitica 2016 from London Futurists on December 3rd, a one day conference on the topic of "Real world policy changes for a radically better future".[1]

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