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* [[Prometheism]]
* [[Prometheism]]
== External links ==
== External links ==
* [http://www.transtopia.net/ Main Site]
* [http://www.transtopia.net/ transtopia.net]
* [http://www.transtopia.net/island.html Island Project (lol)]
* [http://euvolution.com/transtopia/principles.html Mirror on the Euvolution site (See below)]
[[Category:Transhumanist organisations]]
[[Category:Transhumanist organisations]]
[[Category:Libertarian transhumanism]]

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Status: Probably dead, or something

A kind of Internet tree house club. No, seriously, check out the Singularity Club:

The Singularity Club is Transtopia's executive level; the inner circle of active, dedicated Transtopians. By combining its members' talents and resources, the group should be able to fund and coordinate projects which would be extremely hard or outright impossible if attempted on an individual basis. Our main goal is technotranscendence, the process of technological augmentation of one's mind and body which ultimately results in full mind uploading, superintelligence, and potential immortality. Indeed, this new state could perhaps best be described as "godhood" from the current point of view.

Yes, it gets better.

2) A "space program" to create at least one off-planet habitat which could sustain a group of, say, 50 - 500 people long enough for them to transcend. This would be crucial if breaktroughs in nanotech come before any other "transhuman" technologies, and all-out nanowar (or nanodisaster) threatens on earth, or if government control becomes so strict that it could jeopardize our projects.

As some guy in BetterHumans said:

The site talks of investment schemes to buy remote islands, self-defense methods, and why it's okay to get rich at any cost because money means survival. (Actually, that's probably correct. The hero in a Joe Haldeman novel about life extension therapies, I recall, was a drug dealer). They even include links to shadowy books on how to circumvent the law, the same kind of books that I've come across at survivalist sites. It's as if they've taken the Magneto side in the Transhumanist equation. If I may use another of my abundant pop culture metaphors -- and I have an inexhaustible supply -- it looks more as if they're setting up a society to mirror the repetitively treacherous Nietzscheans of Andromeda fame, not the most admirable of slave traders and warlike killing machines ever portrayed in the Roddenberry universes.


Two words: Nut. Job.

After a little Googling and searching their (Depressing) Yahoo! group; I found that the creator of the group is some guy named Dalibor den Otter (neosapient@yahoo.com), a pretty ungoogleable character.

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