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Hello, my name is Bret Bernhoft. I am a self-taught Frontend Web Developer who has taken an interest in Transhumanist philosophy. It is my goal to be a valuable and regular member of this community by providing useful content and edits; in other words, connections to "wise novelty" from throughout the public Web.

Thankfully there is a good deal of valuable information available Online, that is simply waiting to be assembled. At least that's what I've observed over the past ten years of personal research. Websites such as H+Pedia are working to bridge/connect this gap in access to that knowledge.

What interests me the most about Transhumanism is the community of people who have gathered together to imagine a new, techno-centric reality into existence. These are friendly individuals who already hold an optimistic (or extropic) worldview wherein science and technology are respected, as well as looked to for answers regarding fundamental human needs.

Teaching myself to code is an example, from my personal life, of how said Transhumanist pursuits can exponentially elevate the individual, and therefore the collective. It was learning how to build applications for the Web with JavaScript that demonstrated to me I can learn (and ultimately do) anything. This knowing has changed me; wherein my dreams and near future mean more to me now than ever before. A state (that of self-awareness, and radical self-empowerment through the skillful use of tools) that, I assume, most Transhumanists can relate to in some way.

If you would like to learn more about me, please visit my portfolio. But note, that my website is currently under construction.

I will update this profile with more information about myself as it emerges.