Hi, I'm Wayne Eddy. I am an Australian and have been since I was born in Cobram, Victoria in 1964.

I'm contributing to this wiki because I want to live in a high-tech, science fiction like, utopian, post-scarcity future, and I believe the key to supercharging progress and achieving this goal sooner rather than later is to convince as many people as possible that they should make sure that whatever special knowledge they may have is made freely and easily available to everyone else in the world.


  • Local Government Asset Management (day job)
  • Wiki Development (MediaWiki, Wikidot & Sharepoint)
  • Knowledge Capture
  • Programming - C++, HTML & Javascript (Self taught)
  • Database Development - Access & Postgress
  • AutoCAD
  • Road & Drainage Design (Been a while now)


  • Collaboration
  • Genetic Engineering
  • Life Extension
  • Space Exploration
  • Science Fiction


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