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Not all transhumanist subjects and organisations are sufficiently notable for Wikipedia.

However there is useful work to do there.

Transhumanist Wikipedia editing

Many transhumanist related topics on Wikipedia have suffered from puffery, leading to subject deletions and an increased sceptical attitude from Wikipedians about transhumanism.

Being perceived to game Wikipedia by playing up the notability of sources, e.g. by only citing transhumanist publications rather than more mainstream ones is a common error. Attempting to build articles prematurely (e.g. Transhumanist Party) then battling over it being merged or split is not the way to go, at this point many sceptical wikipedians will be applying increased scrutiny. Rather, consider incubating an article on H+Pedia first or in a Wikipedia draft space, prior to adding it into main space. It will then survive its initial review and be perceived as a worthy addition, rather than a coat rack or self promotion.

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