World Transhumanist Society

The World Transhumanist Society was a one-man splinter organisation of the World Transhumanist Association founded in 2006 following a falling out by Simon Young with James Hughes, the WTA leader at the time.


Following the closure of the Extropy Institute it appears an attempt was made to form a more conservative and libertarian organisation.[1]

Young is probably best know for his 2005 book Designer Evolution: A Transhumanist Manifesto.[2] Young was scheduled to speak at Extrobritannia in September 2006[3], but turned up over 90 minutes late, after the meeting was due to start, and was unable to speak coherently.[4]

The website existed from approximately June 2006[5] until March 2011[6] after which it was hacked[7] by Iranian hackers and the domain lapsed some time after that.

The whole affair can be seen as a precursor to the political differentiation for the 2014 ongoing transhumanist politicisation controversy.


The one page site referenced disagreements on the extropy-chat mailing list over the matters of:


Various commentators have confused the World Transhumanist Society with the World Transhumanist Association (now Humanity+) due to their similar names.[8]

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