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Zoltan Istvan is a writer, futurist and founder of the first Transhumanist Party and leader of the US Transhumanist Party political organization. He is author of the 2013 book The Transhumanist Wager. In 2017 Istvan announced his run for Californian Governor under Libertarian Party.[1]


Community support

Anti-death campaign drawing of Zoltan and family by artist Felipe de Barros

He has supported a number of traditional transhumanist political positions, as well as some more emerging ones such as drug legalisation.

Community controversies

Zoltan's political stance is hard to categorize and Zoltan admits[2] that his position has evolved over time. While many have judged him to have a libertarian background, Zoltan is a self-proclaimed pragmatist and survivalist , saying he will advocate for whatever policies "will most quickly lead to indefinite life extension". In Zoltan's view, the correct policy mix includes large government investments in research and education, 'chips'[3] that track the movement and economic transactions of each citizen, and some form of universal basic income. Zoltan's positions have been attacked strongly by transhumanists on both the left and right of the political spectrum for his authoritarian tendencies.

Particularly controversial politics within the transhumanist movement include:

  • Open borders to refugees contingent on them accepting microchip tracking to combat terrorism[3] and parental tracking[4][5] Similarly, tracking convicts with spy drones rather than prisons.[6]
  • Advocacy of cryothanasia, euthanasia by cryonics for people both those with terminal conditions or even with severe disabilities.[7][8]
  • Banning teaching religion to children[9]
  • Restricting reproduction due to misconceptions about life extension and overpopulation.[10] This was very poorly received indeed.[11]


An increasingly controversial figure in the wider transhumanist community,[12][13] his headline-grabbing policy ideas have sometimes placed him at odds with others. An unabashed atheist, Zoltan has written[14] and lectured[15] about the relationship between religion and transhumanism. He has said[16] and written that religion is holding back science and the development of technologies, pointing to stem cell therapy as a specific example. These positions have caused great ire amongst religious transhumanists, many of whom see is anti-religious viewpoint as inextricably linked to his policy. For example, christian transhumanist Christopher Benek proclaimed "A Vote for The U.S. Transhumanist Party Presidential Candidate Is A Vote For Tyranny".[17] In March 2015 he described himself as a "atheistcideist", believing super intelligence-like God may have existed at one point, but probably ended its own existence to give free will to the universe.[18]

Political mobilisation

Zoltan's platform has been criticised for closing membership, misrepresenting the party's legal status, individualist policy development and poor board communication.[19]

In response to an impasse in community engagement with the strategy and vision of Zoltan's Transhumanist Party, the community-driven Transhuman National Committee of the United States was founded on the 5th of October 2015.[20]

By October 12th the UK Transhumanist Party released a statement that "Zoltan Istvan does not speak for the Transhumanist Party" in response to his failure to engage with the wider community and transhumanist party movement.[21][22]

These events marked the organisations known collectively as the Transhumanist Party movement splitting into two blocks.


His campaign has included touring the United States in the Immortality Bus. In his Singularity 1 on 1 interview,[2] Zoltan credits the bus as the key to the success of his campaign. As a highly visible publicity platform, it garnered an enormous amount of media coverage.

The campaign is being made into a documentary entitled Immortality or Bust.

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