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17 incredible 3D printed objects

3D printing is a manufacturing process where a physical object is created from a digital design.

3D Printing and Transhumanism

3D printing has many potential applications in regards to transhumanism. Some of them include:

  • 3D printed food could help to reduce food scarcity.
  • Prosthetics - The ability to make replacements for damaged, deformed, or worn out body parts.
  • Organ printing - Replacements for damaged or diseased organs. This could have the potential to make the black market organ trade obsolete.

3D printing could have implications in regards to technological unemployment. As 3D printing technologies advance, jobs may be lost to the technology such as in manufacturing and construction.

History of 3D printing

The first 3D printer invented by Chuck Hull in 1983 using a process he termed "stereolithography".[1]

Since then, the technology has improved dramatically.

An article on Pow Today suggests that; "3D Printers Could Soon Become as Ubiquitous in the Home as Televisions" [2]


3D printing presents new types of crimes and risks, lowering the barrier to acquiring weapons in certain circumstances.

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