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The purposes of H+Pedia

The primary purpose of H+Pedia is to spread accurate, accessible, non-sensationalistic information about transhumanism among the general public. H+Pedia is also an opportunity for transhumanist enthusiasts to work together, thereby strengthening the transhumanist community. H+Pedia welcomes constructive contributions from everyone interested in the future of humanity.

What's it all about?

H+Pedia aims to follow the principles of Wikipedia. At the same time, the H+Pedia editorial team seek to demonstrate greater awareness and appreciation of transhumanism and radical futurism. This will be reflected by the inclusion in H+Pedia of material which might not pass the Wikipedia tests for notability, as currently applied by Wikipedia editors. The guiding principles of H+Pedia are described in more detail in H+Pedia principles.

Contributors policy

H+Pedia is an open project, meaning that anyone may contribute either under their own name and public identity, or pseudo-anonymously via a preferred username.

The project focuses on techno-optimistic and realistic futuristic thought and trend analysis, rather than taking a popularist position that dystopian scenarios are inevitable and unavoidable.

Original research is welcomed at H+Pedia, however such contributions are expected to draw heavily upon reliable resources and other internal H+Pedia references.

Users who hold a specialist interest or expertise are invited to write about this on their user page or article page to better contextualise their contributions.


As with Wikipedia, discussions should to be focused around the content of a contribution rather than the user who made it. However in the event that an individual is sufficiently disruptive to the H+Pedia project or wider community they may no longer be allowed to contribute.

In the news

H+Pedia occasionally gets cited as a primary source:

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