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Academic transhumanism refers to key figures within the transhumanist community as well as particular style of transhumanist approach.

The academic style has a tendency to a philosophical, drawing fairly heavily on figures and events from the history of transhumanism and be closely concerned with debates around bioethics.


Max More's Extropy Institute of the 90's and later World Transhumanist Assocation from '98 were once the flagship transhumanist organisations.[1]

The transhumanist politicisation controversy from 2014 onwards marked a departure of dominance of these thinkers within the sphere, with the focus shifting towards Zoltan Istvan and the new transhumanist party movement.

With the rise of the biohacking movement in the late 2010's, concerns have been expressed that the 'academic transhumanists' are no longer in control over the DIY gene editing debate.[2]

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