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The following list of Facebook pages indexes some popular transhumanist sources of news which may be of interest to follow in addition to the many participatory groups.

The focus of this page is (currently) not to list all futurist pages, except where the page itself is more notable than the website or organization separate from it.

Page Approx likes 2016 Affiliations or owner
h+ Magazine 13,934 h+ Magazine
MILE - Movement for Indefinite Life Extension 11,144 Movement for Indefinite Life Extension
Future Hunt 3,476 Future Hunt
Singularity Weblog 2,015 Singularity Weblog
NowThis Future 1,483,299 "The best of tech and science innovation, shaping our future."
Advanced Space Socialism Memes 19,475 Socialism in space
Aging Research Activism 2,533 Life extension
Transhumanist Memes 3,889 Futurist and transhumanist humour
Transgender Memes for Transhuman Teens 5,961 Futurist and transhumanist humour