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Advantageous is a 2015 science fiction movie directed by Jennifer Phang.[1]


In a future time where jobs are scarce and women are no longer as easily able to have children, a mother (Gwen) who faces losing her job is left with two options; becoming an egg donor, or transferring her consciousness into a new "host" body in order to keep her job.

Her daughter is due to attend a new school and the tuition fees are high. Facing financial troubles and wanting to do the best for her daughter forces her to choose for the latter option. But there is a price to pay.

Transhumanist Elements

"A seamless jump into a disease free body of your choosing" is one of the sentences spoken during a commercial near the start of the film. Consciousness transfer is the key element behind the plot. However, it is presented in a form of "faux" Transhumanism. Although the transfer of memories is successful, it is revealed that person being transferred to a new host body is in fact killed by the procedure.

Other Future Tech

  • Surveillance Technologies
  • Hands-free and holographic telecommunication devices
  • Holographic computers with voice commands
  • AI

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