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Amon Twyman

Dr Mathew Amon Twyman (aka. M. Amon Twyman, Mathew Twyman, Amon Zero, Amon Kalkin, Asterion Blackstar and Ámon Ásentír) is an established UK based transhumanist, philosopher and consultant, with involvement in a number of projects and initiatives.

Born in New Zealand, he moved to the UK in the early 2000's. From 2004 he was a member of futurist-punk band Xykogen, with a stage name of Amon Zero. In this period he began his involvement with the UK Transhumanist Association.


He is trained in cognitive science with experimental psychological research into self-insight conducted at UK and New Zealand universities. He holds positions as a visiting researcher at UCL, and affiliate scholar[1] at the IEET.


As Amon Kalkin he established himself with a number of transhumanist and futurist communities, including co-founding Zero State with Dirk Bruere in 2012.

Returning to the use of Amon Twyman around 2013 , he founded the Institute for Social Futurism and Wave movement in the coming years as vehicles to develop transhumanist political philosophy and connect with like minded organisations respectively. In early 2014 he would be involved in the formation of the H+ Council on Facebook.

In late 2014 he would be instrumental in the founding and later leading of the Transhumanist Party (UK) to present.

Since its formation in early 2015, he headed up the Transhumanist Party Global initiative to coordinate international political party activities, until resigning the role in November 2016.

In February 2017 Amon adopted the new name Amon Asentir.[2]

In 2018 moved to Germany amid personal issues.

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