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Megastar immortalist Aubrey de Grey is known for his cutting edge life extension research, wizardly beard and beer consumption.

Is it possible that his bioscience innovations are derived from his regular beer consumption? Is the SENS programme simply cover whilst he brings his own brand of beer to market? It's too early to say...

How much beer does Aubrey de Grey drink per day on average?

Only three or four pints. Also, let me be very clear that I do not recommend that people in general adopt the same lifestyle as me: everyone is different, and the same diet, exercise regimen etc may be great for one person but bad for another, The only general advice is to pay attention to your body. I weigh the same and have the same vitality at 51 that I had at 17, so my best strategy is to stick to what I know, but if and when that ever changes, so will I. - Aubrey de Grey[1]

Beer commentary

A penchant for beer, fried food and an aversion to exercise could fool you into believing the lanky ex-public schoolboy cares little about ageing. But you would be wrong.[2]

empty beer bottles are clustered by the sink in which is stacked a heap of saucepans and utensils[3]

Aubrey de Grey's life extension diet emphasizes the importance of beer.[4]

He dresses like a shabby graduate student and affects Rip Van Winkle's beard; he has no children; he has few interests outside the science of biogerontology; he drinks too much beer.[5]

How Beer, Oprah and Sergey Brin can help cure aging[6]

if there is a fountain of youth in de Grey's world, it bubbles with beer[7]

de Grey is rarely seen without [a beer], being firmly of the belief that his brain works best when fuelled by beer[8]

Beer action shots