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Ben Lipkowitz (fenn) is a microbiologist and programmer. He was born in Indianapolis, Indiana; and currently lives in San Francisco, California. Between 2000 and 2003 he studied Microbiology at the Indiana University.

He has contributed extensively to Open Manufacturing. Among his accomplishments in this are SKDB (Alongside kanzure), a variety of CAM algorithms, and a community metal/woodworking shop and garden that he helped build and maintain. Between 2005 and 2008 he also contributed to the LinuxCNC/EMC2 project, developing a Stewart Platform simulator, among other things. In 2009 he was a part of the Automated Design Lab at the University of Texas, where he worked on the computer side of administration and manufacturing technologies, developing formats for representing manufacturing processes and part compatibility (See SKDB).

He started an extensive, thorough self-tracking project, available as a timeline on his site. Originally intended to learn how much time he spent on his roommate's dishes (Expected it to be one hour a day, it was twenty minutes), it has been featured in the Quantified Self blog[1].





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