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The BioPolitics Grid is a bioethical and political analysis charting tool developed by bioethics journalist Alex Pearlman providing an overview of various positions.

The horizontal axis represents the traditional left-right spectrum with regards to contemporary western economic politics.

The vertical axis represents a variety of bioethical positions, from a bioliberal and typically transhumanist point of view towards the top, through to a bioconservative towards the bottom.

Transhumanists vs Bioconservatives

In April 2016, Zoltan Istvan and James Hughes debated a range of left vs right wing political issues from a transhumanist point of view creating the following overview of leftist technoprogressive (or Bioprogressive) view as espoused by Hughes vs a more technolibertarian (or bio-libertarian) position form Istvan.[1]

Transhuman politics grid.jpg

Bioliberalism, Bioconservatism and politics

The latest iteration (image to be updated) no longer explicitly aligns transhumanism with the matrix, and makes the observation that Donald Trump's positions are currently unknown.

More biopolitics.jpg