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BlinkyTM Short Movie

BlinkyTM is a 2011 short science fiction/horror movie directed by Ruairí Robinson, starring Max Records, Jenni Fontana and James Nardini.[1]


In the near future, many homes have their own personal robot helpers. A young boy, who feels down about his current family life, sees an ad on TV for a robot called "Blinky" that promises to bring families closer together. After receiving a Blinky for Christmas the kid says "I'll never grow tired of him", But he does. Blinky doesn't quite live up to the kids expectations, and he begins to take out his frustrations on the robot. Seemingly unable to cope with the abuse made toward him, Blinky becomes homicidal, acting out his owners instructions to the letter.

The movie is a short version of what Terminator may look like if it happened in your own home.

Commentary from Kurzweil AI

"The film makes one assumption: that either Asimov’s Three Laws of Robotics (which specifically program an intelligent robot to be incapable of harming humans) have been incompetently left out of Blinky’s source code, or else Blinky has experienced a reset of his own programming, overriding these fail-safes — either as an unintended consequence of his self-evolving algorithms, or through the logic-shock of the trauma Blinky experiences, causing a system failure."[2]

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