Board Meeting 05/18/02016 (TNC)

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This is a Transhuman National Committee document – not an encyclopaedia article. Please do not edit it without special permission.

David Othus's Proxy Assigned to Chairperson

Mark Waser's Proxy Assigned to John Warren

Attending: David Kelley, John Warren, Adiar Daniels, Rachel Stone, Robert Batts, (undisclosed attendee)

Board Meeting:05/18/02016 AD 12:00 PM PST - 12:30PM PST

Motion 1 (passed): We [TNC Board] move to adopt the minutes of the last board meeting First_Official_Board_Meeting_-_031802016.

Motion 2 (passed): We [TNC Board] move to update the by-laws of the TNC section 2 item 1 to be the following: (e) up to 3 additional members as selected by the convention if nominated prior to the convention.

• note see the notice here First_Official_Board_Meeting_-_031802016 regarding this motion.

Motion 3 (passed): We [TNC Board] move to Create a separate Facebook appeals group that anyone interested in following the appeals related to the facebook forum appeals process can join.

Reasoning: A separate group would provide accountability while preventing the main TNC forum from excessive drama.

Motion 4 (REJECTED): We [TNC Board] move to Create a separate TNC sponsored and administered Transhuman Issue Discussion Group on Facebook. Reasoning: This will provide a sandbox for creative issue collaboration and for discussion of different solutions. It would remove the 'noise,' of this necessary process from the main Facebook TNC group.

Motion 5 (passed): We [TNC Board] move to accept the Texas Transhumanist Party representative to the TNC board as a representative from that organization as named initially being named Hunter Crow by the TTP.

Motion 6 (passed): We [TNC Board] move to affirm the first amendment to the United States Constitution on the separation of church and state and in doing so pending adoption of a formal policy plank the TNC will operate with the assertion that we as a political organization do not have a policy on religion save support for the United States Constitution's first amendment.

See [[1]] for additional reference material.

Motion 7 (passed): We [TNC Board] move to assign Rachel Stone in the roll of Finance Chair appointee to replace Mark Waser as operational finance chair.