Board Meeting 06/12/2017 (TNC)

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This is a Transhuman National Committee document – not an encyclopaedia article. Please do not edit it without special permission.

Attending: David Kelley, William Murphy, Stuart Mason Dambrot, Adair Daniels, Gennady Stolyarov, Mark Waser, Peter Morgan

Proxies assigned David Othus to the Chair;

Board Meeting:06/12/02017 AD 0430 PM MST - 05:00 PM MST

Motion 1 (Passed): We [TNC Board] move to adopt the minutes of the last board meeting Board_Meeting_04/02/2017.

Motion 2 (Passed): We [TNC Board] to open the floor to the Chair for news updates.

Open Discussion: update on the transhuman house being open to the public and on the committee organized in the last meeting.

Motion 3 (Passed): We [TNC Board] to move to dissolve the committee organized on 04/02/2017 with the following task, "to define what defines an organization that can submit a rep to the TNC board"

Motion 4 (Passed): We [TNC Board] move to open the floor for discussion on the Transhuman House office and activities.

Open Discussion: discussed a public VR tour, video tour, streaming video, local integration with regional organizations all related to outreach by the TNC through the Transhuman House

Open Discussion: the floor was opened to general discussion that included policy planks, refinements, and related activities.